Short Shag Hairstyles for Teenager

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short shag hairstyles 2013

Short shag hairstyles are one of the types of hairstyle you should give a try. For a young girl, you need to have a good appearance for yourself. It is because you will enter the teenage live in the high school. In this place, you will experience one of the most critical lives of your live. In this place, people will critical for your appearance. Most of them are the female students. If they see pretty people they will immediately befriend them.  However, if they see ugly people they will immediately bully them. There are many kinds of them in the high school. So be careful with them.

Besides that, if you have a pretty appearance, you will be also easier to get boyfriend. In the high school, appearance is the most preferred attribute. Other attributes such as money and brain are secondary. You can get any kind of man you want with your appearance. To make yourself look better, you can try short shag hairstyles. shag is one of the types of hair which is a hair with messy look. This hairstyle is often used by many celebrities. The most famous example is Justin Kimberlake ex-girlfriend, Cameron diaz.

To get this hair you need to have natural straight hair. If you have natural curly hair, you can go to the barber. You will get treatment that can make your hair straighter. There are many examples of this hair you should try. One of them is neat feathers. It is one of the popular shag hairs you should try. This is a short shag hair with shoulder length. It also has less messy look than average hair. Besides that, there are more variations in the bottom cut. It is one of the good examples of short shag hairstyles you should try.

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