Short Cropped Hairstyles for Beautiful Hair

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short cropped hairstyles 2013

short cropped hairstyles are one of the good recommendations for women to try. As a woman, it is important to take care of their appearance. Hair is one of the most important parts for their body. There are 2 functions of the hair. First, it is to protect their body from heat. One of the characteristic of hair is that it can absorb the heat from the sun. It is very good to protect your head from the light that can damage your hair. However, it is also not a wise thing to expose your hair too much since it can damage your hair.

The second function is to make you prettier. It is actually the advantage which seen the most by the women. Since the hair is located near the face, you can make your face better with it. This is become the main reason why term “hair is crown of the head” born. To make this happen, they need to arrange their hair. One of the good choices is short cropped hairstyles. Cropped hairstyle is the hairstyle which is short with messy look. It is look like pixie hair but has more feminine look and also messier. There are more variations in the cut.

Besides that, the fact that the hair is short, it gives you an advantage which makes it easier to take care of. You don’t need to use many shampoo to wash your hair. Aside from that, you also can arrange your hair faster. Now, for the main point there is one good example you should try which is croppy with bang. Bang and croppy is one of the good combination to try, especially for women with wide forehead. It is popular for its elegant look. It is one of the good examples of short cropped hairstyles you should try.

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